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By: Abdul Muis 

Lithonia Lighting as the Best Option to Get the Best Lighting:


Lithonia LightingLithonia Lighting is the best option that you can take if you wanted to get a sustainable and the great lighting even for indoor or outdoor usage. We knew that lighting is really important for our house or the other properties. 

It can make the rooms look brighter and more it can make your our house or properties are more beautiful, especially at night. That is why; we need to choose only the best lighting provider that will give us the most comfortable lighting as well. The best option for lighting is Lithonia lighting and below we will describe more about this lighting option. 

Knowing More about Lithonia Lighting:

We can say that Lithonia Lighting is the broadest portfolio that provides the lighting needs for residential, commercial, institution and many applications of industrial lighting. 

This company had already run the business for more than 60 years, so that we can’t doubt its experiences in lighting industries. This company provides many kinds of lighting products even from indoor or outdoor usages like the best quality fluorescent, HED and LED lighting and many more. 

Besides wide lighting options, Lithonia lighting is also completed its service with friendly, professional and fast response customers’ services staffs that will be ready to help you with all your problems about lighting. The portfolios of this company include the lighting for indoor and outdoor usage, special environments lightings, industrial high bay, exits ad emergency systems, decorat and down lighting. 

Lithonia Lighting Products:

It is really interesting to talk about many interesting products which are offered by this company. Below are some products from Lithonia Lighting and choose one that suits you the most:

• Commercial and Industrial Indoor. For this option, the company has Lithonia Lightingmany options of superior performance and high quality products that is supported with energy saving technologies with great design. The good news is that all the products for commercial and industrial indoor will meet your budget. Some products that you can choose are the ACLED, AL series, Avante, Breez, ES8, FSL, RTS, RTLED and many more.

• Fluorescent and LED High Bay. These products from Lithonia Lighting have the optical design that is combined with lamp and ballast technology as well. These steps make the products become the most efficient choice. The typical applications are included the commercial, gymnasium, warehouse, retail and industrial facilities. Some products for this case are the Proteon, I-BEAM Industrial, Proteon SL, and many more.

• Indoor HID. If you wanted to address the low mount and high mount lighting applications, Lithonia Lighting provides many options of Indoor HID Product. You can choose the products that suits will your needs the most and they will give the best quality whether it is for industrial, commercial and recreational lighting. Some Indoor HID products from Lithonia Lighting are A14, The stock guide and 15” Metal HB Reflector. 

• Emergency. There are many selections from Lithonia for emergency options started from the emergency lighting units, exit signs, emergency power system and fluorescent battery packs. All products are made with the best and safe materials with light sources. Those products are like Solo, Quantum, Affinity and many more.

Besides those four lighting products, Lithonia Lighting also provides more lighting products for Downlighting and track, special applications, outdoor, decorative indoor and outdoor, the Stock Guide and LED lighting.

Lithonia Lighting Cooperation with RELOC Wiring:

For making the customer are more comfortable and satisfied, Lithonia lighting cooperates with some companies in relation with lighting business. One of them is RELOC Wiring. RELOC will give the wiring solutions for power distribution and lighting controls. With this kind of cooperation it is for sure that the Lithonia lighting consumers will get the economic advantages because usually it will reduce the tax savings and installation cost. 

Lithonia Lighting Sustainability System:

Lithonia LightingWe had already described that Lithonia Lighting offers a sustainable lighting solution that are enhanced and enabled by many technologies, LED Lighting and some advanced technologies like the lighting controls. 

On this part, we will describe more about this aspect because the sustainable business practices are really essential for the success and operation of the Acuity Brand Lighting. Some technologies that are used to support the Lithonia Sustainability are:

• The Economic Tool. This tool is made to help customers in using the standard practices of the industry for performing more comprehensive analysis. Furthermore, it is also useful for comparing system cost of total lighting. So, customers will het the realistic total costs based on some related aspects. 

• ABL Commitment. There are many commitments from Acuity Brand Lighting as the “home of Lithonia Lighting” to make a sustainable system. They have the commitments of high efficiency lighting solutions, Energy Star, EPAct and many more. This is done for them lighting products and one of them is Lithonia Lighting.


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